Ribbon Dancing Activity

Ribbon Dance group photoWe made inexpensive and creative ribbon dancers out of chopsticks, duct tape, and ribbon. The chopsticks we got for free from the campus cafeteria or local take out, and the ribbon and duct tape were $1 each from the dollar store or the clearance section of the craft store.   We put the ribbon at the end of the chopsticks and used the tape to wrap fully around the sticks and hold the ribbon in place while adding some artistic design. Ribbon Dance Jake photo  Next we ribbon danced to music such as “Low Rider” so that we got low to the ground when the lyrics said low and worked our leg muscles nice and good. We also ribbon danced to “Spring” by Vivaldi, “Hakuna Matata” from Disney’s Lion King and several other participant music requests. It is surprising how great of an aerobic activity ribbon dancing can be, and how fun! Especially with your cost effective homemade ribbon dancers!