Resource Modules on Health of People with Intellectual Disabilities

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Provided by the Health meet Project of the Arc, Westchester Institute for Human Development, & AUCD. 1. Understanding Health and Health Promotion for People with ID. 2. Communication Skills in the Context of Health and Wellness. Resources designed for LEND and UCEDD trainees to learn more about the adult phase of the life course continuum of health and health care for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities (ID). By using these resources, LEND and UCEDD trainees will gain knowledge and perspective concerning: common health issues for adults with ID; socio-cultural influences on health of adults with ID; self-determination and person-centered care as essential elements of health promotion and healthcare for adults with ID; the importance of competitive employment and place of residence on health status; communication skills as they relate to health and wellness; and the central importance of optimal health status on quality of life and on the ability of adults with ID to live the lives they desire in inclusive communities.