Playing Cards and Stronger Hearts


Print out the heart, spade, diamond and club symbols and assign each symbol an aerobic activity. For example, heart= jumping jacks, spades= jog in place, diamond= frog hops,  and clubs= toe touches. Before starting, demonstrate each activity with the group and have them try it. Take a regular deck of cards and hand out an even number of cards to each group member.  You can use the whole deck or choose a smaller number depending on how much time you have for this activity. Have each person turn over their first card, and they have to do the activity that matches that suit for the correct number of times that the card shows.

If they get a 8 of hearts, they have to do 8 jumping jacks. If they get a 5 of spades, they would jog in place for 5 seconds.  Kings, queens, and jacks are worth 10 and aces are worth 15. This works well when the group goes in rounds all together. Once everyone has finished their first exercise, instruct them to flip over their next card. Repeat this until they have worked through all of their cards.

You can choose any activity to substitute for the above suggestions. Make sure they are appropriate for your audience!