Physical Activity Matching Game

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Purpose: This is a fun group game to get participants thinking about the multiple benefits of physical activity while building social skills with other group members.

Materials Needed:

Note: It is helpful to print benefits cards on a different color paper that activity cards so you can easily distinguish between them. Benefits cards are formatted to be printed double sided and cut in half so there is a picture on the front and text on the back. Physical Activity cards are formatted to be printed single sided and cut in half with a picture on the front and a blank back. If cards will be used frequently, consider laminating.


  1. Give half of the participants a physical activity card and the other half a benefits card.
  2. Have participants find a “match” with the opposite group. IE- Physical activity card “bicycling” can match with “weight loss” benefit card. (There are no wrong matches!)
  3. Allow participants two minutes to discuss how their cards match up. The written section on the back of the benefits card can guide discussion.
  4. Come together as a group and have pairs share what they learned.
  5. Repeat with different “matches” as time allows.


For low  to no literacy, the leader can pass out physical activity cards to participants and choose several benefit cards to read out loud to the group. Participants can share how their physical activity card relates to the benefit as a group.