Participant Directed Videos

Here you will find our participant directed videos. Disclaimer: The sound quality in some of these videos is slightly distorted.  Closed captioning is available and suggested.


Participant Introductions

Meet our participants!



Staying Healthy

Our participants discuss healthy choices and important things to remember about healthy nutrition.



Warm Up

This warm up video focuses on developmental movement patterns to promote healthy body and brain flow that prepares the body for physical activity and learning.  The nice thing about this warm up is that as you prepare your body and mind for activity and education, it is structured movement that allows each individual to move in their own creative way.



FABS Exercises

Our participants lead physical activity exercises that focus on the HealthMatters program FABS exercises in the areas of flexibility, aerobics, balance, and strength.



FABS Dice Game

Our participants demonstrate one of their favorite activities with the FABS Dice Game.  Learn how to make the dice and play the game that incorporates physical activity of flexibility, aerobics, balance, and strength while also providing an opportunity to discuss healthy nutrition options.



Cool Down

Our participants lead a cool down exercise to safely calm the heart rate and stretch muscles after physical activity.