Meet Your Trainers- Monica Hayes

Monica Hayes is employed by the University of Kentucky as a part time Co-Facilitator of Health Partners in the Health and Wellness Initiative and attends Cypress Community Services. She graduated from Paul Laurence Dunbar High School. Monica loves to go with her family to Cincinnati Reds games and attend Dunbar basketball games as well. Monica loves dogs, enjoys going to the vet with her own dogs, and she likes to give them hugs and kisses. She also enjoys walking at the Recreation and Outreach Center (ROC) at Immanuel Baptist Church and the Kentucky State Arboretum. She loves to go to church with her family on Sundays.

Favorite thing about her job: “I love working with great people. They are so kind and respect me for who I am. I learned about new healthy lifestyles and how to take care of myself and how to help others.”

Advice to someone trying to get healthy: “Start changing your bad habits into something rewarding. You will see the difference in your life by eating vegetables and fruits of your choice. Drink more water and try to get up. Motivate yourself by exercising, dancing, and doing things that help you feel good about yourself.”