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Working in a garden is a perfect way to stay physically active, grow fresh produce for healthy nutrition, and even get involved in a gardening community for a healthy social environment. Anyone can garden at their own level, and reap the benefits of healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Check out these resources to create a garden of your own, and start today towards a healthier you!


Special Thanks To:

Barbara Scott, Master Gardener – Major Content Contributor
Dr. Rick Durham, University of Kentucky Extension Specialist – Editing
Matt John, Project Director
Barney Fleming, Principal Investigator
Kathy Sheppard-Jones
John Hancock

The creation of these modules are a product of collaboration between the Human Development Institute and Cooperative Extension Service at the University of Kentucky, along with the Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation.
Funded by US Department of Education
Rehabilitation Services Administration
Recreational Programs Grant
October 2001 – September 2004