Indoor Baseball Game

Resources Needed: A rolling dice with numbers 1-6 and baseball bases (i.e. first, second, third, home, pitchers mound) – you could always use paper taped down if you don’t have anything else to use as bases.

Components Incorporated: Aerobic capacity if participants move quickly around the bases. Participants can also incorporate other FABS components by coming up with unique ways to travel the baseline. For example they could walk on their tiptoes and work balance or do high knees or lunges between bases.

Purpose: This game incorporates the fun interactive play of baseball with the physical activity of traveling the bases while also working on health education. By asking the wellness questions as a part of this game, it works the participants both physically and mentally.

Rules/Instructions: We set up around the room a baseball diamond with all the respective baseball bases and plates on the floor. Each participant was asked a health & wellness question to earn the right to roll the dice. An example might be: Name an example of a whole grain? What is an example of flexibility? As the question leader I stood on the pitcher’s mound and “pitched” the dice by asking the question.   After the participants answered I handed them the dice so they could roll. The numbers on the dice corresponded to the participants “batting outcome”   1 = single 2 = double 3 = triple 4 = home run 5 = a ball (roll again) 6 = a strike ( roll again).   The participant would run to the base that was rolled and then it was the next participant’s turn.

If you need help coming up with question ideas please feel free to contact Lindsey at

This game is a lot of fun and participants really enjoyed motivating each other and cheering teammates on when they ran the bases or were stranded on a base and needed their teammate to bring them home. The camaraderie and verbal support of the game was the most enjoyable part. On occasion the participants would ask to be pitcher and I would stand on the mound with them and help them come up with the wellness questions. By far this one was of our group’s favorite games.

Participants Playing Baseball Game Man Playing Baseball Game Girl Playing Baseball Game