Healthy Harry vs. Unhealthy Eugene

Purpose: To assist individuals in identifying habits that lead to healthy vs unhealthy lifestyles

Materials needed:

  • Flip chart or large paper
  • Various colored markers


  1. Draw two identical stick figures consisting of a circle for the head and straight lines for the body, arms, and legs. These should be drawn on large paper for the whole group to see. Label one stick figure “Healthy Harry” and the other “Unhealthy Eugene”.
  2. Begin with Unhealthy Eugene and ask individuals to describe what an individual might look like if he were very unhealthy. Have those individuals draw on the stick figure a representation of their answer. Ex: Poor control of emotions-angry/sad face, lack of good hygiene-green teeth/ squiggles to represent body odor/ dirty clothes, excess body fat-large belly, poor nutrition-soda/junk food in hands, etc.
  3. Next, repeat the same sequence for Healthy Harry asking the group to describe what a very healthy individual would look like. Ex: Physically active-draw sneakers on his feet/large muscles, good nutrition-healthy food in his hands, positive social influences-draw some friends, etc
  4. Compare the two drawings and ask the group to reflect on what areas of their health they are doing well in and what they could improve to be more like Healthy Harry.

Adaptations: If you have participants who are not comfortable drawing themselves, ask for a volunteer to draw for them.hh