Healthy Choices Punch Card

Check out this fantastic motivational tool for making healthy choices! When an individual successfully completes a healthy choice or action, they earn a punch, sticker, or smiley face – whatever works for your group! Once six successes are earned then it is time for a prize!

Some examples of healthy actions to earn a punch include:

  • participating in class activities (i.e. exercises or health education lessons)
  • encouraging others
  • drinking a certain number of glasses/bottles of water in a day
  • reaching a certain number of steps taken in a day/week using a pedometer

Prizes can range from simple trinkets, gift cards, or locally donated items.  One really fantastic and free idea is to allow the prize to be given the responsibility of selecting something like the music for activities, the next outing or getting to eat lunch or spend some 1 on 1 time with favorite staff member or friend.  These are simple inexpensive ways to reward positive health behavior.