Health Partners


The Health Partners program is a holistic health and wellness workshop in which

A holistic wellness workshop to help you achieve your healthiest self!

individuals work together with a partner to learn about physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health through meaningful activities. Based on what is important to the participant, they will create their own personal health goals. Over several sessions, they will receive the tools and information needed to be successful in reaching these goals. They will receive support and additional resources during follow up meetings. Program content is adapted from Healthy Lifestyles for People with Disabilities curriculum authored by professionals at the Oregon Health and Science University.


We are reaching out to individuals 16 and up with a developmental disability and a

health partner of their choice to complete the program together. The partner can be a friend, family member, or support person. Program content has been adapted for Universal Design for Learning so the curriculum is appropriate for all participants.  This can be offered to groups ages 16 and up or in an adapted format from ages 8-12.


Health Partners is being offered across Central Kentucky at various community locations based on interest. Currently our target area is any region that falls within 90 miles of Lexington. We hope to expand this in the future. We are also providing programming in schools for youth in grades 3-5 as well as high schools.


NOW! Widespread programming Began in January 2016. Participants must be willing to complete 12 hours of initial programming broken up over several days and then attend monthly follow up meetings once a moth for six months after the program.


Benefits of participating in Health Partners include:

  • Get information to help you make better decisions in all areas of health
  • Examine your habits and choose areas you need to work on to improve your health
  • Set your own health goals and identify what resources and supports you need to succeed
  • Work with your health partner to support and encourage each other
  • Work with program trainers who help you stay on track and look at your progress during follow up sessions
  • Have fun and meet new people!

Meet Your Trainers

Meet Your Trainers- Megan Jaspersen

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Meet Your Trainers- Morgan Turner

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Meet Your Trainers- Monica Hayes

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Meet Your Trainers- Megan McCormick

Megan McCormickis a Co-facilitator for Health Partners at HDI as well as a substitute Instructional Assistant in elementary schools in ...
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Meet Your Trainers- Brandy Martin

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Megan Jaspersen

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities.