A video demonstration and explanation of this game can be found below.

Resources Needed: You will need two dice. One with the standard numbers 1-6 on it and one that you can write/draw on or change out the tiles. I purchased a wooden block from a local craft store for under $5 and used a Sharpie marker to write each of the FABS letters on one side as well as a Free Spot and a picture of the MyPlate icon.   You can also make your own origami dice out of paper at this link: Origami Dice

Or you can make dice out of a gift box. The following link used a gift box and chalk paint to make some movement dice: Movement Dice

Whenever someone rolled the dice they would get to choose an activity to do that correlated with whatever the dice landed on.   Each number was associated with either timed seconds of the activity or number of repetitions. For example, the number 3 with the letter A for “aerobics” could mean that the participant leads the group in 30 seconds of high knees or jumping jacks or the number 5 with the letter F for “flexibility” could mean that the participant can lead the group in everyone reaching up tall towards the sky and back down to touch their toes for 5 times. If a participant lands on the Free Spot that means they get to choose what activity out of any category that they wanted. If a participant landed on the MyPlate picture then they have to name healthy food items based on the number also rolled. To incorporate more movement in to the game we often times had the group run to the corner of the room that represented healthy or unhealthy. We put a sign that said NO (for unhealthy) on one wall and YES (for healthy) on the other wall. For example, if a participant rolled the number 2 they might say, “doughnuts!” and we would all run to the NO wall since doughnuts are not healthy. Then the participant would say another food since the number on the dice rolled was 2. She could say something healthy like, “green beans” and we would all run to the YES wall.   The point is that the participants get to make the healthy choices and lead the group and the dice merely give suggestion and add an element of fun.

If you need help coming up with question ideas please feel free to contact Lindsey at lindsey.c.mullis@uky.edu

I will mention that our wooden block would roll to that ‘A’ for aerobic activity 6 out of 10 times so it is possible that the block is not even, so keep that in mind as you make your dice. UPDATE: The following times we used the FABS dice it did not seem to consistently land on the “A” so it most likely was a day of chance/fortune that we had an abundance of aerobics exercises that day.

Participants Playing FABS Dice Game