Deal or No Deal

Create a list of exercises or skills you want to practice with your group.  Write them on index cards.  For each activity you can assign a certain number, an amount of time, or leave it up to the group to encourage self-determination. As the facilitator, allow one participant to randomly select a card and privately ask that person if they want to perform that skill. If they do, we have a DEAL.  Read the card out loud to the group, and demonstrate the activity. Everyone in the group then does the activity as well.  If they decline that activity, NO DEAL. The catch is that everyone must then perform the skill on the next card that is chosen.  This fun activity gets groups moving, and it requires no equipment besides your index cards! The skills are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

It is best if the cards have a picture and an explanation of the exercise as seen here.
Jumping Jacks

Run in Place

Toe Touches

Pencil jumps

Line jumps

Bum Kicks

High Knees

Soldier Kicks

Trunk Twists

Elbow to Knees

Punching bag


Twist and shout

High Fives

Roll your arms

Arm Circles

Move in a circle

Play an “instrument” (air drums, etc.)

Bicep curls

Side bends

Yoga pose

Freestyle (You choose!)


Skip in a circle

Best dance move