Our Mission:

Our mission is to ignite positive change to address the significant health disparities for individuals with disabilities across the lifespan. We … 

    Resources and community partnerships as well as provide technical support to promote accessible health programs and services
    Individuals on adaptive health strategies and train professionals on inclusion, accessibility, universal design, and facilitation of health programming for the broadest audience
    Self-advocates, support networks, professionals, and public health to work together to successfully incorporate strategies for equal health for all

Morgan’s Musings

Join Morgan Turner, Health Education Assistant at the University of Kentucky’s Human Development Institute (HDI), for the video series Morgan’s Musings. In this exciting series, Morgan interviews self-advocates, professionals, and family members of individuals with disabilities to gain unique insight to their prospective and see things from their lens.  Topics focus on leadership, self-advocacy, and disability as it is related to health. Make sure to hit the subscribe button to watch more episodes of Morgan’s Musings!

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